Listing FAQ

All camps, classes and competitions listings are free.

There is no cost to list.

Our listing platform is designed for program organizers, parents, product sellers, service providers, volunteers and job seekers.

Day and overnight camps of all kinds, weekend and after school classes covering a wide range of activities and competitions organizers across state, region or the nation. is focused on helping program owners highlight their activities for easy discovery for parents.

Program categories and key metrics are unique to the industry for easy discovery. Program owners can explain in details various activities, use calendar tools to highlight different schedules and receive camp booking leads.

Program organizers can link to videos and drone footage and add as many as 50 photos.

Farms owners can now enter FSA data and commercial and industrial land owners can list zoning requirements. Agents and owners can upload documents and brochures.

Organizers submit listing requests.

Program team verifies every listing using our proprietary process.

Once verified, system sends an account approval and you can begin the listing process.

We reserve the right to suspend or delete any account for false information or copyright violations.

Verified organizers, sellers and professionals can list for free.

For a fee, verified sellers can select preferred listing.